The Whilhelmina Blanket

Toby’s mother, a woman of good taste, was always on the lookout for warmth combined with weightlessness. This kind of thing is near impossible to find, so we made The Wilhelmina in her name; she would have loved it.

This blanket is topped with gold and silver fox fur humanely farmed and certified.  Each of the five chevrons has alternating silver and gold fox fur within each of the zig-zag stripes across the blanket.  The back is tightly woven pure wool for extra strength.

Time intensive, each piece is hand stitched using traditional furrier techniques by Rebecca Bradley, one of the few remaining Furriers in the UK, so the blanket looks equally beautiful underneath.

It’s the sort of comfort that brings you joy for a lifetime and not something you’ll want to share once you have one. We keep ours close, so it either stays on our bed at home or around Susan’s shoulders when travelling.


1300mm x 1650mm