The Outpost Plate Rack

The plate rack is a magnificent piece of furniture.  Many kitchens that Toby’s has designed, including our own, look wonderful with this made-to-measure piece. They’re designed to carry a substantial weight, so feel free to load it up with all your crockery and serving dishes. We even put the breadboards in ours too.

No two plate racks are the same, as we use a range of hardwoods most frequently, Black American Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Oak and Beech that are then transformed with the help of our local Hackney craftsmen, Lawrence, James, Martin and Petit.

Each plate rack is measured up and made to order to ensure that they fit beautifully on your wall. All joints are internally secured with hardwood dowels so no exposed fixings.

When we put ours up, even though it’s large, it was surprising how many people didn’t initially notice, thinking it had always been there.


Made to measure
price representative of the rack size pictured here