The Outdoor Blanket

We’ve made sure our large outdoor blanket lasts and is a companion to you anywhere from field, to beach, to mountain. This glorious blanket has the warming properties of a fisherman’s jumper, the comfort of cooking a marshmallow on a stick and the robustness of a fishing boat off the coast of the Outer Hebrides.

They’re made for us by Mr. Yassin, just round the corner from here.  This fine, but hard-wearing wool is  backed with 10.10oz waxed duck canvas, a heavier grade material sourced only  from America. The leather fringing is for no particular reason, but just because we love it and it’s chutzpah!

Sling the looped handle over a hook when you get home if you need it to dry it out, and sponge wash to clean when it gets dirty.

This is a blanket you’ll always want around – ours is.  It’s like a dog, but more useful.