Pavilion Broadway Bakery

The first installment of the Pavilion Bakery brand, this shop is conceived from the humble origins and craftsmanship of the baker. Simplicity and utility were the keywords that arrived at the meeting table and with two bread deliveries per day it needed to function as a holding room for the fast moving doughy delights whilst also managing the steady traffic of customers on the move, especially market day. This two door scenario on a small shop works extremely well and efficiently for all including those with prams, buggies, bikes, kids and dogs.

The fabulously crafted shop front made from Maple and Walnut exudes the timelessness and quality of a good loaf with its main central display bay showing all the market street that this places sells quality products and it wants to show it off. Internally it is kept basic and functional using tiles alongside joinery and good lighting, the addition of a coffee machine gives customers the chance to stay a while and catch up whilst collecting their favorite loaf.


Interiors, Design