Camden Flour Station

Set within the fabulous vaulted ceiling at Stables Yard in the heart of Camden Market the brief was to encapsulate market trading the Flour Station has its roots set within.

A cross between the common or garden market stall with dismountable frame and the more permanent indoor market kiosks more seen in historical market towns these days.

This installation sits central to the stable room nestled around four cast iron columns supporting the vaults above and as such is designed to walk around, from the columns spring branches holdings the lights, speakers and heaters.

A glazed display on entry draws the customers eyes to the fresh baked delights on offer that day, you then migrate clockwise on to the servery, tills and coffee pass and then to the kitchen and bar to rear, the final leg offers seating and kitchen pass before exiting.

The interlocking series of frames were first modeled in CAD 3D to assure accuracy, the metalwork was then precision made offsite which pleasingly bolted together on site and the joinery elements also pre fabricated following swiftly after.

The initial popularity of this bakery then called for a 10 meter perch bar on entry.


Interiors, Design